Ridgewood Camera Club

Assigned Subjects 2017 - 2018


To score well in the assigned subject category, the assigned subject should be the obvious center of interest within the image. Images where the assigned subject is a minor aspect of the composition historically do not receive high scores or are disqualified.


The Assigned Subject Competitions for the 2017-2018 season are:


Hands - An image in which one or more human hands are the main subject.  The hands may or may not be performing an activity.

Shadows - A dark shape cast on the ground or onto some surface by an object intercepting light. Photos may include the object(s) casting the shadow(s), but the main subject of the photo must be the cast shadow(s).

In Camera Blur – A photography technique that requires a longer exposure as you either

The blurs should not be created using Photoshop or plug-ins.

Abandoned – An image of man-made objects such as derelict buildings, abandoned cars, tools or objects obviously past their prime and neglected that evoke a feeling of nostalgia for times gone by.  The subject should show a state of decay and not be restored.