Ridgewood Camera Club

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You may enter up to four digital images in the PID Color Open section and the PID Monochromatic Open section. Any subject or manipulation is acceptable. You may also enter up to four images in the Nature Open section and up to four images in the Nature Wildlife section. Entry in the Color Open, Mono Open and both Nature sections can only be made in digital form.
For the PSA definition of a Nature image please go to the PSA Nature Divisionsite at the link just given.
You do not have to be a member of PSA to enter this exhibition.
We have simplified the entry procedure and all you need to give us for any image is the title you want associated with the image such as Sleeping Cheetahs and then you can use the Browse button on the Entry form to point to an image file any place on your machine. The file name that you point to with the Browse button can be any file name that you have used for this image such as _img_4853.jpg and you need not conform to prior PSA file naming conventions.
Only JPG files are accepted.
The dimensions of the image are limited to 768 pixels in both directions, horizontal and vertical. This is not a capricious specification and is done to make horizontal and vertical images the same projected size. Digital cameras record in either a 2x3 or 3x4 aspect ratio. Thus in the 2x3 aspect ratio both horizontal and vertical images will be the same size either 768x512 or 512x786 pixels and 4x3 aspect ratio images will be either 768x576 or 576x768 pixels. This emulates the characteristics of a film slide whose dimensions are equal independent of whether they are horizontal or vertical images. IF YOU HAVE IMAGES SIZED TO 1024 X 768 PIXELS AND DO NOT WANT TO RESIZE THEM ENTER THEM IN THE 1024 X 768 SIZE AND WE WILL RESIZE THEM FOR YOU PROVIDED YOU CHECK THE APPROPRIATE BOX ON THE ENTRY FORM. We will not upsize any image to meet the 768 x 768 requirement. Limit images to be resized to less than 6 megapixels. You need not be overly concerned about file size as we will accept any file that is smaller than 2.0 MB and the aggregate of all files is limited to 32 MB. Generate your files with the highest quality of JPG compression as long as they conform to the maximums just given.
If you need to change an entry you need to resubmit the entire entry and not just the changed part
You may pay in cash, check, money order or by PayPal
Send your Entry Fee in cash, check or money order payable to Ridgewood Camera Club, to:
Marie Kane, APSA, NJFC
36 Abbington Terrace
Glen Rock, NJ 07452, U. S. A.
All funds must be in U.S. dollars and all checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank
To pay via PayPal - Send Payment to ridgewoodcameraclub@gmail.com
Fees: One section $8.00, two sections $15.00, three sections $20.00 and four sections $24.00.
Congratulations. You are finished.