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Digital Entry Instructions


The following is a guide for preparing images for RCC club competition. It addresses each of the steps needed to take the final processed image and make it ready for entry into competition through the club’s competition program, Photo Contest Pro (PCP).

Digital Entry – The Key Steps

If you have questions regarding any aspect of this process, be sure to ask - either your RCC Sponsor, an EC member or anyone who regularly competes in the RCC Competitions

1) What is Photo Contest Pro and How do I use it?
2) Preparing Your Images for Competition using Photoshop

Once you have chosen your images and processed them for final presentation and before uploading to PCP you'll need to resize them and change the color space to SRGB so the projector displays the colors properly. You may also want to put a white border around the images to make them stand out against a black background.

The easiest way to resize the image in Photoshop is go to File > Automate > Fit Image and enter 768 in both height and width. OK.



To change the color space to sRGB : Select Edit > Convert to Profile. If it isn't already sRGB, choose it for the Destination Space > OK.



Open the image (that has already been resized and been assigned the sRGB color space) in PS/PSE either directly or through Lightroom.  From the Top Menu choose Select > All. The entire image will show as a selection.



Then select Edit > Strokeand choose 1 pixel, Color White; Location Inside (do not choose Outside)



Now you're done. You've resized the image, changed the color space and added a white border.  Now just save the new image for uploading to PCP for the Competition. File > Save As and choose Save As Type.jpg


3) Preparing Your Images for Competition using Lightroom

If you have Adobe Lightroom, the process of resizing and changing color space is much easier. You can resize, change color space and save as jpg all from the Lightroom Export screen. You can even create a preset so for future competitions it's just one click. Unfortunately, Lightroom doesn't have the ability to add a small white border.

Choose File>Export
Export Location: Desktop (or where ever you choose)
File Settings: Image Format JPEG; Color Space sRGB
Image Sizing: Resize to Fit Long Edge 768 pixels.
Then click Export. It will save the new image on your desktop (or where ever you have determined) ready to upload to PCP.

If you are a Lightroom user and want to add the white border in Photoshop, the suggested workflow would be:

Now you're done. you've resized the image, changed the color space and saved the image. It's now ready for uploading to PCP for the Competition.


4) Uploading your Images into Photo Contest Pro


Select the Contest and Class for the competition you want to enter.

5) Submission Deadline

All files for all competitions must be received by the Sunday prior to the competition.  Please adhere to the schedule and give yourself enough time to get your images in by the deadline. Circumstances outside of our control can cause you problems if you wait until the deadline is close.


6) Monitor Calibration

If you are not using a color and luminance calibrated monitor to preview your image there is a possibility that the projected color and brightness of your images in competition may not be to your expectation. (The lawyers made me write this.)



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