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Member Orientation


This page is designed to assist you in learning your way around the club. If you have any suggestions how we can improve this information please send an email to Website Help Correspondence


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Question - Ask your Sponsor

As a new member you have been assigned a Sponsor. That Sponsor functions to allow you a single point of contact for any information you may need. The Sponsor may not know the answer but they will know who to direct you to. To find your sponsor go to the Sponsors Page To find their contact information go to the Membership List page.


To obtain the logon information required to access the Members Only section of the website after you have been approved as a member please contact our Membership Chairman. To obtain the logon information send an email to Membership Correspondence


Membership Benefits

Do you know or are you availing yourself of all the membership benefits? If you are unsure see the Benefits of Membership page



Would you like to start competing in either projected images or prints?

See the Calendar page for the next competition

You should become familiar with the Competition Rules andthe Competition Rules - Quick Start

If you want to compete in Digital Projected images see either the Quick Start or the Full Instructions page. If you need help contact our Digital Competition Secretary, whose contact information can be found on the Executive Committee page.

If you want to compete in Prints see the Print section of the Competition Rulesor Competition Rules - Quick StartIf you need help contact our Prints Chairman, whose contact information can be found on the Executive Committee page.


Would you like to see the resulting scores in a competition go to the Members Only > Comp. Results 2011 & on page.


Workshops covering various photographic topics are given on a frequent basis. To view upcoming workshops go to the Workshops page.


Field Trips

Field trips are generally conducted on a weekend and can either be a one-day or a weekend event. You can learn from the participants and also get to meet some of the members on a social basis outside of club meetings. To view any upcoming trips go to the Field Trips page.



Being a photographic organization we have a number of our member's images on the website. To see them go to the left side navigation bar and choose either Photo Galleries or Members' Galleries. There are a host of individual galleries listed under each. You can place some of your images in a special Member Gallery under your name. If you wish to do that email the images to Website Help Correspondence There is also a special gallery called WTC Tribute which is a tribute to the fallen World Trade Center.


Places to Photograph

We also have a publication titled Places to Photograph if you want some ideas of where to go locally to photograph.


Confused by Acronyms

Are you confused by our acronyms?

NJFCC - The New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs. An umbrella organization of New Jersey and its environs camera clubs. It supports inter camera club competitions and performs other services for area camera clubs. Our NJFCC Competitions Chairman selects images from our competitions and enters them into the NJFCC inter-club competitions. See the NJFCC site

PSA - The Photographic Society of America is an international organization promoting photography throughout the world. It offers competitions, they call them exhibitions for some reason. Anyone can enter these exhibitions and have their work judged against photographers worldwide. It also has a rating service for PSA members who enter these exhibitions. We at RCC offer one of these events referred to as the RCC Exhibition aka the RCC International. You need not be a PSA member to enter any of these competitions. Our RCC Exhibition is organized by our International Exhibition Chairman who can be found on the Executive Committee page. See the PSA sitefor its many services.

NECCC - The New England Camera Club Council that offers a three day event that is composed of many one hour sessions on various aspects of photography. It is held at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst Massachusetts generally the weekend after the 4th of July weekend. See the NECCC site for details


Update Your Member Information

If you need to update any of your member information please use the Update Member Information page. That way all Executive Committee members that need to be notified will be.


Executive Committee

We have an Executive Committee that frees the rest of the membership from the business aspects of running the club. This Committee is composed of some very dedicated members that offer their time and energy to keeping the club active, relevant and growing. You can see the makeup of this committee by going to the Executive Committee page. If you want to keep RCC a premier club in New Jersey you should consider becoming a Chairman or assisting a Chairman. It is a great way to connect with the club and is very rewarding. We always welcome new people and new ideas. If you want to see the responsibilities of the chairmen see the Duties Books page



The website was designed to contain all the information that anyone would want about the club. It is divided into three sections; a Members Only section, a Chairman Only section and one open to anyone. The reason for the Member's Only section is to safeguard your personal contact information and other information that should only be available to members. All pages can be referenced by the left side Navigation Bar that has fly out panels to conserve space, the presence of a fly out panel is indicated by a >


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For anther view of information to help you understand the club go to Orientation.