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Video Production of a Photographic Shoot of Boston Using ProShow Producer , 2017-03-15

Instructor - Michael Packman

Instructor Biography - My name is Michael Packman; Ive been taking pictures all my life; but it has only been in the last several years that I have taken phogography more seriously. I am quite proficient in Photoshop and in producing Videos using ProShowProducer.

Description - tbd

Antarctica, 2017-05-24

Instructor - Becky and Phil Witt

Instructor Biography - Becky and Phil Witt are active members of the Camera Naturalist Photo Club, where Phil is a Past President and Becky is currently Secretary. They run photo workshops for the NJ Audubon center in Bernardsville, and Phil is on the NJ Audubon Board of Directors. They travel the world photographically.

Description - Becky and Phil will present a nature photography-oriented travel-log of their trip to Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, and South Georgia Island--three weeks of sailing the stormy seas of the Southern Ocean. Join them for images of penguins, seals, and dramatic Antarctic ice, along with discussions of the photographic techniques and equipment used.

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