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Super-resolution: Do You Really Need that 50 Megapixel Camera?, 2018-03-21

Instructor - Bob Kane

Instructor Biography - Bob is a retired metallurgist/materials engineer who made a career of research in high temperature materials and their processing, and in hot gas-metal reactions. Photography using light-and electron microscopy was almost a daily tool, supplementing his old darkroom and now digital for his image processing fixes. Main present interests are street photography with friends and an ongoing e-Book project on the Celery Farm Natural Area. Hes been an RCC member since 2004, given a couple of programs, and ran the now-forgotten on-line Peer Critiques. I???ve recently switched to Canon for micro four-thirds but I???m not fanatical about it.

Description - With a combination of good technique, good lenses, and Photoshop CC (plus perhaps a couple other inexpensive programs) it can be possible to make prints literally as large as you like. I???ll discuss what I mean by resolution in a very broad sense, then a few means to improve it for many images. Techniques for single image treatment like up-rezzing and deconvolution, then image stacking methods for sequences of exposures will be covered, including focus stacking, panoramas, minimizing noise and expanding dynamic range, and making huge prints or big crops by improving spatial resolution. Some specifics related to some micro four-thirds systems will be touched upon, and maybe getting better results from your 12 Mp drone.

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