Ridgewood Camera Club

Website Help


This page contains hints on using the site for novice or first time users.


1) You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine to view, print or save certain items especially those that are PDF (Portable Data Format) files. You can obtain the latest release of the free Acrobat Reader by simply clicking on the Get Acrobat Reader iconand following the download prompts from the Adobe site. When you get to the first page on the Adobe site you need to click the Get Acrobat Reader icon again on that page. The process is very fast and painless and it takes longer to describe it than to execute it.

2) Any item shown in white indicates that it is a link to another page, either on this site or some other site. If you have not previously visited that page an underline will also appear on the mouse rollover. Just click the link shown in white and the magic will be performed for you automatically.

3) If you want to send an email concerning any website issue use the following email link webhelp@ridgewoodcameraclub.org